Thursday, July 30, 2009

Second Cake Class: CLOWNS!

At our second Wilton Cake Class we tackled clowns and oh my goodness were they cute. Not to first I was a little skeptical...why clowns, they're kind of scary? However as it turned out the clowns were so cute that any five year old would love them on their birthday cake...or as cupcakes like we made them!
This was a full body clown...not so pretty on the cupcake but it looked great on everybody's cakes.
And this is a half body clown...Perfect for a cupcake! Me and my mom loved making these, and they were a lot simpler too!
These are all of the cupcakes I made at class...How pretty?
(Clock wise from top left: Full body clown, swirl flowers, half body clown, full body clown, half body clown; center: first Wilton Rose with star border)

I will post lots more pictures from preparation and the final cake from our final Wilton Course I Cake Class tomorrow...that's all for now!

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