Friday, August 28, 2009

Seafood "salad"

This deli-style salad is perfect on anything and for anything. Put on some lightly toasted bread and eat as a sandwich, or toss it in some lettuce as a lettuce wrap, in a salad, plain and well any way your brain can think of.

I have made this for dinner with leftover shrimp my mom made but this time I made it with shrimp cocktail from Costco. This seafood salad was lunch for me and my mom, and keep in mind we had leftovers!

First start with crabmeat, or shall I say Krab? Artificial crab is not artificial fish. It is a white fish with sugar and other things added. Tastes delicious and low in calories! This is the type we like to use, they are usually buy one get one free and we save the plastic containers to use for other things! Each serving bag (there is 3 inside each box) has only 90 calories! For this entire recipe I used 3 bags. Chop up into cubes and place into a bowl.
Then take the shrimp and cut up into small cubes as well. I cut off each tail then cut the shrimp into three. But it totally depends on the size; mine were small. Toss the shrimp into the bowl with the Krab meat.
Then add 1/3 cup of mayonaisse (eyeball it) (I used lite mayo even though my mom doesn't like it)

½ teaspoon of mustard. Add in about 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice. Also add in a drop of honey for subtle sweetness.

Chop up some bell pepper and toss into the bowl as well. It adds a nice crunch. Now mix up all of ingredients with a spoon. Add more mayo, mustard, lemon juice or honey depending on your preferences.
**Note: In the pictures is only 2 packages of crabmeat. I added another one because I added too much mustard!

Served with lettuce and an avocado.

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