Monday, November 16, 2009

Thankgiving is right around the corner! Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving is coming and I could not be more happy.  School had been taking over my life and missing two day last week did not help.  For some reason teachers just love to give homework and tests and papers.

But since I was sick I did not bake anything for about a week and a half! How shocking! I know.  I will spend lots of time in the kitchen this week preparing for Thanksgiving...hopefully.  Honestly, it depends how nice my teachers decide to be.

Anyways, every year for Thanksgiving my mom and I are in charge of bringing desert to my aunt's house for a lot of people.  Sometimes we get a little carried away.  Here is what we made last year!


This is an assortment of chocolate covered Oreos, chocolate covered vanilla wafers and mocha chip meringues.

Here we got some chocolate dipped pretzel rods and graham crackers.
 Blueberry coffee cake! Super awesome as a "nutritious" breakfast the day after as well! We made these recently so recipe will come super soon! (Actually we made it twice, as muffin/cupcake type things!)

There's me trying to be funny pretending to eat the cupcake plate.  Most likely my mom's idea of a quirky shot.  Haha maybe it's a little funny? Just maybe.

Funfetti cupcakes. Super simple, super popular.  Half of them are gone before dinner even starts!

Chocolate creme pie.  We dont make this.  My aunt actually buys it from Wegman's for a bunch of family gatherings.  It had a chocolate graham cracker crust with chocolate pudding filling and topped with whipped creme.  Who would complain?!

Mini chocolate bundt cakes! So pretty and yummy! They didn't go as well as we would have hoped for because a) there was so much stuff and b) no one is going to eat and entire mini bundt cake themselves.  Especially after an awesome Thanksgiving dinner my aunt cooked.

The Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookies.  Nothing is complete without them.
But onto the star of the night....

 The Cheesecake.  Yes, this cheesecake is requested time and time again.  It is the most amazing thing ever.  If you don't like the average cheesecake try this one.  (recipe will come when I make it for Thanksgiving this year!)  People just keep requesting this, that is all they want.  (so they think)

Now for some people of the night:

This is my amazing sister Brittney.  She's probably the best sister anyone could ever ask for.

Sister Brittney with my Grandma.  Yes.  That is my grandma.  She does not look a day over 45, I know.

My grandma again.  Don't we all want to look like her when we are older?!

Sister Brittney, perhaps sneaking a taste at the awesome desserts?

My cousin Nicole and I.  Here she is a senior in high school.  But this is Thanksgiving 2008 so now she is in college.

My daddy and I.  How cute.  FYI he is the one who tastes all my yummy treats!

And there's me.  All silly looking.

Good luck to the Thanksgiving day planning! Let me know your ideas!

With love and cupcakes,


  1. Did you really make all those desserts?! Great job! I'm a teen baker too and I'm really glad I stumbled upon your blog. I can't wait to see what you'll make this year=)

  2. LOVE the pics--specially of b typical!

  3. wow are you sure you made enough? i'm making desserts this thanksgiving too but i'm not sure i can hope to outdo you!

  4. Me and my mom made these together. And oh boy were there leftovers! This year we are not making as much!!

    Sherry --I love knowing about other teen bakers! Do you have a blog? I would love to check it out!

    With love and cupcakes,

  5. Chelsey--I guess you forgot...but we made the chocolate cream pie as well! It was for those watching their weight haha--Oreo pie crust (not dietetic) sugar free chocolate pudding and sugar free coolwhip...half the pudding on bottom, half pudding mixed with half the cool whip on next layer topped with cool whip (your first attempt with a pipping bag) It was so good! Love, MOM



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