Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cookteen Meets Pioneer Woman

What a weekend, I got to meet The Pioneer Woman Friday night and am now the proud owner of her cookbook! I was sooo nervous that my hands were shaking, but she was so nice, we talked about my blog and she asked me what I was going to do when I was no longer a teen...good question, right?  Well, I have time for that, I measure teen time the same as dog years, each year feels like 7 so that's like...7 times 4 equals....28 years from now, or something like that? And hopefully you guys will come with me when Cookteen goes to college and someday when Cookteen gets her own apartment and maybe even when Cookteen gets married...but in dog years thats like in....forever.  Right now, writing this blog, meeting good people like Ree Drummond and being a part of this blog world with all of you is the best!

Here are some photo highlights of the night:
we got there 2 hours early...

and I got to sit in the front row!

a man came around and asked who I would like the book signed to, I couldn't decide...Chelsey or Cookteen...Cookteen won!

She's here!!!!!

 and I got to ask her a question!  "How many days do you blog and prepare recipes for your blog" ...her reply "about 3"

Me, with PW in the row is next, can you feel my nerves...

 I made so many new friends while waiting...some ladies from Connecticut were here at 9 AM to get a wrist band, now that's loyal!

  This is a photo of the happiest kid on earth!

After it was over, we walked over to the William and Sonoma Store that was also in the Time Warner Center, OMGoodness, what a great store, I was surprised that my mom was keeping this one a secret from me.

Perhaps I will get some new measuring cups so I can finally have a 1/4 cup some of you already know, mine was lost years ago when I used it to make snow cupcakes in the backyard.

and look at all this stuff to make my kettle corn, which has now become a nightly ritual for my family...

and please dear parents...some fresh cinnamon sticks for baking and my tea?

In truth, I don't need anything else this holiday...I got the best present ever..meeting Pioneer Woman and having you blog friends.

O yeah...I bought 2 books that night, one to Cookteen and the other autographed by keep checking back because a giveaway is coming soon.

The battle of the sugar cookies continues in my house tomorrow...see you then.

With love and cupcakes,

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  1. Hey!
    I finally found time to go looking for you online. (oh right, you're prolly wondering who, I'd be that girl who was sitting next to you at the signing) and I discovered you're quite a food blogger in your own rights. Good luck, and I'm gonna keep an eye out for your recipes. Oh and I just wanted to say thank you to you and your mum for the pictures.



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