Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bake For the Quake!

The Green Girls raised over $1,000 for Haiti with our Bake for the Quake Sales!

As you may recall, last we left off, I was going to try my first bake sale to raise money for Haiti, while my sister Brittney and her Journalism friends were planning their own sale in Wisconsin.   The Cap Times, Wisconsin's newspaper even wrote an article about them!

 This is a photo of Brittney and her friends at their sale...

They raised over $775 dollars and my friends and I were able to raise $225 in about 30 minutes after school last Wednesday! 

The Student council at my school has been having an on-going fundraiser to raise money for Haiti so I figured why not put all my baking to a good cause.  My mom and I baked for about a week and made all of the usual things teenagers (well everyone in their right mind) would LOVE.

We had:



And my friend Amanda made some brownies (no picture to show but they sure did taste yummy!)

My teachers reaction when he saw all the food was hilarious, I think he thought I was crazy!! Well most people do whenever I am left to bring food somewhere considering my mom and I always "overdue" it.

At most I was planning on raising about 100 dollars for Haiti, however, we raised over 200 dollars!!

People were so generous and they kept coming back for more...especially for the Cake Balls and S'mores Bars.  I had 42 cake balls and 1 1/2  batches of the Smore's Bars and they all went in minutes!! Everything sold out except for some of the cookies.  At the end, the chocolate chip cookies went before the sugar cookies.  And let's face it,  when deciding between a cream filled chocolate cupcake or a plain ole' chocolate chip cookie which one would you pick?

There was a half hour window of selling during car-pool pick up, so pictures during the actually bake sale were not possible but my friend did snap one of me before school let out
Me with the signs I made to hang up around the building.

Mr. P---my teacher who "sponsered" the sale said that it was the most he recalls raising at a single bake sale! I was so happy and we already scheduled ANOTHER one for some time in March. 

A special thanks to Lauren, Leslie, Amanda and Victoria, you guys made this possible and I couldn't have done it without you!

Well I'm off to finish writing my history research paper..... only one more week until break!

Question of the moment:  What's your favorite thing to bring, buy or make for a bake sale?

Stay tuned for an awesome Valentines Day recipe, A Rustic Chocolate Pretzel Tart that is sooo melt in your mouth delicious!!

With love and cupcakes,

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  1. Loved reading all about your bake sale... Everything looks great! Thanks for stopping by my site... I'm glad I discovered yours, as well!



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