Sunday, March 21, 2010

Junior Prom!

Hey there, this weekend was my junior prom and finally all the stressing about it is over! It was a lot of fun and everything worked out.  We didnt't take any prom-y pics basically because the picture taking was disfunction at its best but there are very cute pics and we had a spectacular day!! (70 and sunny!) 
Time to get ready for a slide show of pics!!
First we got the serious ones, and my serious I mean not laughing our behinds off
Perhaps the only prom-esque picture.
Me and my friend Noah
 Me and my date Chris

Now we move onto the pictures where we could not control our laughter:

And my personal favorite done a million and two ways:

Prom was fun though! I danced and talked and just had a fun time but everyones feet were killing by the time we had to go. 

En route to prom via super perdy party bus...

I got to use my new camera!! It was so cool but I want to learn how to use all the functions like aperutre so I have to go back to the camera store and learn.  There are also classes to take that are just a few hours and not too pricey! I will be attending those as well.
On top of prom, this week my mom had to bake cookies for a bar mitzvah! 1200 black and white cookies to be exact.  I was not allowed in my kitchen for a while unless I was there to help and considering the teacher decide to pound on the work there was not much room for that.  (Sorry Mommy!)
Just look at all those --they were blue and brown instead of black and white

And lastly I couldn't forget a pic with my daddy!!

Thats all for now --hopefully I will be back soon with a mouth watering recipe with pictures taken from my awesome cammy!! 

With love and cupcakes,


  1. You look absolutely stunning. I'm completely serious- stunning with more than a touch of straight up class. Makes me really happy to see a girl with the best kind of confidence this the kitchen and otherwise!

  2. thank you so much for your extremely sweet words they mean a lot to me!! I am so glad blogging has led me to people who are so kind with their words and inspriring with their food.

    With love and cupcakes,



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