Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hungry Girl Book Signing!!!

Hey hey hey! So my sister (dumbblondie) and I just love the Hungry-Girl books and daily emails and lucky us, she was doing book signing in NYC right when britty was home from college! Perf!! (that means perfect mama Green--she's a little slow on the lingo sometimes)  Anyways, before practice my sister asked if I wanted to go and of course the answer was "Yes! Yes! A thousand times YES!"

So post practice I took a super quick shower and it was off the the city (yes, I am one of those people who think that New York City is THE city...the one and the only)

CookTeen and Dumbblondie as we get our seats...But then it was time to grab our goodies!!

Vitatops = delicious!! I grabbed a Banana Fudge one I have been dying to try! Can't wait till Tuesday night!!
Cheese-Babybel Light (I am not a cheese person so these weren't too appealing)
Mashed Taters in a pounch--80 calories? Creamy Butter? Is it possible?

Pop Chips --I love love love these for multiple reasons. 1. That entire bag is only 100 calories.  Yes. 100 calories for a large bag of chips. and 2. I hate greasy, oily chips so these are right up my alley

Fiber One. My Best Friend and perhaps the one thing I long for over this holiday.  That, my morning oatmeal and veggie burgers.  But now we have 4 boxes! SCORE DUDE!!
Lookie I Got a shirt for retweeting something!! How cool!

How funny, papa Green with his goodies!

Now the talk slash q&a begins:
B has got a question...

It's signing time!

"CookTeen?"  "Yea, it's not my real name, I have a blog..."

Oh and guess what we also got! A 5 dollar gift card to Tasti-D-Lite...20 dollars can get us (Me!) lots of Tasti except some bad news, you can only use in the City :( but no fret--I spend plenty of time there!

We couldn't go to the after party sponsered by Laughing Cow because I had school the next day but it was a super fun (and spontaneous) adventure!!

With love and cupcakes,

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