Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Miss Me?

I have made it home! Despite the silly volcano that decided to erupt and cast a gloomy cloud over Europe, we escaped right before the wind blew it towards Roma!  Thank goodness!

Lookie its the Vesuvious (not the one in Iceland!!! --the one that covered up Pompeii many many many years ago)

While I was away my mother baked (no surprise there) but she also blogged a cake for my birthday! Holy yummers it was so delicious! I barely had any time from when I got off the plane to when my friends were here eating cake with me so I am still extremely tired 4 days later.  My bestest friend also decorate my room for my birthday so when I came home--BAM streamers and balloons gallore, I loved it!

Oh yea the cake! It was delicious!! No joke you should try it.  And have a glass of milk on the side--its a dunking type of cake!

Monday morning I took my driving test and I passed! Woot woot! I was freaking out while I was in Italy that I was going to fail :(

Oh I turned 17 when I was away actually the day I flew home--hence the whole "so happy I made it home" If it was not my birthday I would have loved to be stuck in Rome for another day (or 7)!

I brought home lots of goodies so I can still pretend I am in Italy stopping at the Autogrills on all of our long bus rides.  For those who don't know--Autogrills are a little known secret in Italy and are basical rest stops with bathrooms (yay!) and food (double yay!)

This is not the formal Italia post because one I have so much to share with you and cannot do it justice now and two there are 1750 pictures I have to sort through just to find the few that sum up how amazing my week was! But expect it by the end of the weekend--I have a busy week ahead of me :( Wish me luck!

With love and cupcakes,

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