Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dumbblondie Graduates!

After debating whether to post about Italy (Roma!) or my trip to Wisconsin this past weekend for my sister's graduation, I realized that you all have waited this long to hear about Rome (and other fancy places) that another week won't damage ya! And my sister is just so awesome I mean seriously...she's a college grad! It seems like yesterday we were sitting at the kitchen table and she decided to pour a glass of water on my head because I was being a bum (true stuff--but don't let that fool you, she's the sweet sister)

Anyways, wake up time was at 3:30 am Friday morning! But look on the bright side--we arrived in Wisconsin by 9:30 am, just in time for a tour of the school.
Me and the almost college grad walking around Madison.  There was a reception for journalism school grads, nothing fancy but daddy and I missed most of it because of the tour :/ I am still in airplane clothes fyi!
Post reception, we met some of her friends at the terrace for laughs, lunch and Strongbow (a beer cider my sister happens to be in love with...)

Giggles (the boy with my sister in the bottom left picture is her boyfriend, they have been going out since like day 1 of their freshman year.  So precious <3)

Dinner time (not that I was hungry considering I ate more than twice my body weight at the concierge level...)

Mom got the seafood pasta (right) while daddy got a pasta with beef and tomatoes I believe (left) --all I know is that they were both delishhh

And Brittsta got the grilled shrimp and a caesar  salad

I got a plain 'ole garden salad --not worth documenting but I sampled everyones entrees (hehe)

Whenever my mom visits my sister to help her pack and unpack they come here (Fresca).  So when the dessert menu arrived...
The buttermilk beignets were a must order

Then they arrived:
And my heart dropped--just the look and smell of these goodies was enough

But wait, there is a vanilla dipping sauce...

And a chocolate filling!
There's something about fried dough that just makes me so happy.

Next morning my daddy and I headed to the Dane County Farmers Market--the largest in Dane county! I had so much fun taking pictures, sampling an enormous amount of cheese with my papa and eating delicious baked goods.
Somethings not to do at the market:

Do not walk around waiting for someone to offer you a taste of fresh spinach. Oh and when they say
"Best ___ Ever," they aren't lying...This was the best spinach I have ever eaten (it could be the reason my spinach salad I had with dinner later that night was so amazing)

Do not become intrigued by this sign.

Do not order the cinnamon sugar donut.

Do not take pictures in front of the capital in an extremely busy section...your dad photographer might get run big deal.

Please do not get made fun of by mean ladies--I did.  It wasn't fun.

Oh, your gonna spot this giant sign that says Kettle Corn

then you're gonna see a crazy man in a mask stirring popcorn

It's okay to get in line and order a bag because you know kettle corn is your biggest weakness and you simply can't deny delicious kettle corn.

And your daddy will hand the kind woman some moneys

and then you'll receive this bag of goodness (btw--thats a small, the large is like extra large)

But boy do I love my kettle corn--yummmmy

Speaking of popcorn--you're not going to spot fresh, home grown popcorn and buy a bag of black and a bag of white Wisconsin corn.

Since spicy is my new thing--I had some fun at this stand
The people were super friendly, they have real jobs and then plant and create these spicy treats on the weekends.

And because of my love affair I have with salsa, I spent a good amount of time trying every salsa
I started on the left, the mild side--but I did make my way to super duper spicy.  It was actually pretty good but I'm not sure my mouth could handle all that.

Now for some more out takes from my daddy and I's adventure

On to dinner for the evening: Dined with Brittney's boyfriends family at a delicious steakhouse
My spinach salad was outrageous.  Like beyond words in love.

And the Alaskian Halibut was pretty darn delishh too!

Then Britt and Evan shared creme brulee--there's a long story behind my sister wanting to try this creme brulee for quite sometime

Then came time for the main event--Brittney Green, aka Dumbblondie, graduated from college. Maybe we should give her more credit, I mean dumbblondie is kinda harsh

Oh yea, we held a little fashion shoot before hand

We didn't have dinner reservations for the last night because, well we weren't planning on staying but we also thought that B was graduating on Saturday so after a lot of drama (this happened before we left) and a change in plane tickets we spent an extra night in Madison, WI and had dinner at Morimoto's

Asian Slaw--very very yummmy (love my slaw)

Black miso cod with Bok Choy--mine was perfect but mom didn't love hers
Brittney said it is hit or miss with that

Some sushi was shared between Daddy Green and I--Tuna and Avocado I believe?

Then there is this cookie--Salted and Chocolate and gooey.  Indescribable.  I will be duplicating this in the near future. (near pending)

Please oogle over these cups. They are Mason Jars with handles. Oh and the coffee was amazing too--steeped in brown sugar.  Very very yummy, especially before a long day of flying home.

OMG I almost forgot! I had some Gelato!!!
It was legit too! Almost as good as Italy (I can't believe I am saying that...)

Well, that's all for now folks.  Upcoming recipe: Rocky Road Cupcakes

With love and cupcakes,


  1. OMG!! I went to UW Madison (graduated 9 years ago -- jeez Im old!) and I am in tears looking at these pics remembering my own graduation! I love Madison!!!! Congrats to your sis!

  2. great pics and story!



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