Friday, July 9, 2010

Eggs in a Carton.

Sounds enticing right?
ALL I was craving was an egg sandwich on a bagel so when I made it to my kitchen I whipped this up and oh boy did it hit the spot while saving calories and fat and moolahhh!
What you will need: Eggs (in a carton or regular) and Pam
Optional: Frank's Red Hot, Salt and roasted veggies from Fairway Supermarket (or any you've created--leftovers are the best!)
to be eaten on a Thomas Bagel Thin 

Spray a microwavable bowl with Pam and pour in eggs (about 1/2 cup)

Add some hot sauce if you can take the heat...

and salt for flavaa

Also added a few pieces of roasted onions and squash from my "stash" (raw veggies would work too!)
And if your into cheese, toss some in too!

Microwave for 2.5-3 minutes (or until fully cooked)
Warning: It will get mad puffy in the microwave--just make sure it doesn't overflow (most likely wont) and it will deflate when you remove it from the microwave

Toasted Bagel Thin 
Doesn't it look like a smiley face: The bagel halves as the eyes and the glare on the bottom as the smile :) cheeeeeeese...I should send this to american express for their commercial lol

The eggs white just scooped right out of the bowl and onto the bagel

Oh how I have been craving this so much...

Top with the other half and cut in half for easy eating.  

True fact: I would have made another if I had more egg whites in a carton

Question: Does anyone know if you can microwave real eggs? 
I use egg whites because egg yolks have always made me feel a bit queasy...

With love and cupcakes,

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  1. Real eggs can definitely be microwaved, yolk and all! I do it often (because I'm lazy quite often).



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