Sunday, August 29, 2010

Post 390

Remember when I traveled to Boston a couple of weeks ago browsing for colleges? Well I had a delicious meal at Post 390 while I was there.  After hours of googling restaurants, 2 trips to the concierge and a few phone calls later we settled on Post 390 (check out their website and video--such a great restaurant!)  Not only did I spot it on one of my all-time favorite healthy blogs: Carrots n' Cake, but my sister's friend recommended it as well as the concierge.

Let's start with the meal...
And oh boy did I have a feeling it was going to be a good meal when I saw the warm crusty bread come out in a paper bag--my favorite!

To quench her thirst mommy got a vodka soda with a splash of oj (for the vitamins obvi!)

And to warm up I got Blue Flower Earl Grey. So Good!

As for the appetizer: Mom and Dad split the fried clams.  When they first got married, they used to get them at the Howard Johnson's and they loved them so much (could be they were young and their food memory is off...) but regardless, these were the most delicious clams they ever had in their life!

And of course I started with a salad ;)
I asked our darling waitress if there was anything else besides Parmesan cheese on the salad and she said "no, however, we could add some tomatoes and cucumbers if you like? "
Could she have known me better?

Dinner for me was The Pan Roasted Day Boat Cod with thai curried mussels and a cucumber salad
I love ordering fish out because it is so difficult to make at home! If anyone knows how to get a delicious  crust on the top without the skin--please let me know!!!

Mom's was the Jumbo Lump and Maine Crab Cakes with lime chili sweet potato chips
The chips were awesome :) but she said the crab cakes were slightly salty...

And Dad got the 1/2 lb. Kobe Beef Hotdog with baked beans and "dragged thru the garden"
Didn't try the hot diggity dog but the baked beans were pretty outrageous--spicy and smokey, just my style.

And since we so saw many people ordering the Deviled Eggs as a side dish, we knew we had to partake
and oh boy was I glad we did! Paprika makes me happy...

As if we weren't stuffed enough, dessert time!
The dessert menu was outrageous: A Sliver of Chocolate Cake? Banana Cream Pie! Cupcakes Trio?!
We ordered the Banana Cream Pie

AND (da da da...) the Cupcake Trio
[From left to right] Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (my fav); chocolate with a chocolate ganache topping; and a vanilla based cupcake filled with lemon curd frosted with strawberry buttercream and topped with candied lemon zest.

Okay and now for the kitchen tour?! Yes!! Well we all know I love kitchens and so I ventured on over to the part of the upstairs kitchen that is visible to the restaurant go-er (because apparently there are 3 kitchens...hello heaven) 
And while my parents waited for me down stairs, the manager (owner) told me to come closer so I could get a better photo, how sweet?

Well it gets sweeter--Full on tour of the entire place! He showed me all the cool gadgets they have in the kitchen.
Um mom I may want one of these for my birthday...Do you think it will fit in my dorm room?

These two machines on the right can cook food (like a lobster) in 5 minutes! 

And this cooking tool simulates a smoke (I believe)

They put wood chips on the bottom and it is for steaks and such

They have 3 HUGE freezers (or refrigerators?) This one was for fish and meats--live lobsters! GAH!!

The beans dropping temperature in a mini fridge quickly--there is a thermometer constantly checking the temperature.

The CookBooks located by the pastry section.  Yes I was in heaven.
Martha Stewart's book is there because they (the pastry chef) thinks she is pretty. Heheh

Pans Galore!!!! 

Pastry (dough) roller

Then we traveled downstairs to another kitchen.
The drawing board...literally.

It is Thomas Keller Style! My mom and I noticed immediately and when we asked he said he was a partner in the restaurant!

Some chefs in the in kitchen number 3

Oh yeah! There is an elevator so goods can go up and down behind the scenes:

I see why restaurants need all of this behind the scenes action--you  definitely do not want to disturb the guests.  While we were eating we never thought there were 3 HUGE kitchens filled with the latest in kitchenware! It was truly an impressive establishment.

Field Hockey has begun and school starts in less than a week--summer flew by!!! Good luck getting ready for school (if you are in school) and hope to blog about some rad baked goods soon (because of course I have been baking and eating).

With love and cupcakes,


  1. Thank you so much for blogging about your experience at Post 390, we are thrilled that you enjoyed it so much. Let us know when you are coming in again!

    p.s. great photos as well!

  2. Wow, you're lucky you got a tour of a professional kitchen; it looks like lots of fun! And the food, (especially the bread), looks delicious!



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