Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shortbread Cookie Failure

Plain shortbread cookies never appealed to me--I always felt that it was lacking something called...flavor.  While butter, flour and sugar do make a baked good taste great--when standing on their own they lack intensity.  So when I spotted Coffee Cookies on Bake List I knew that they would be delicious--they brown one stick of butter! 

I have never browned butter before but I was feeling adventurous and it worked! I turned this plain ole stick of fat 

into this delicious nutty cup of fat. hehe...

The other ingredients are simple: flour, another stick of butter, vanilla, and kosher salt 

all blended together and refrigerated for 30 minutes.  If you are going to make these (which you should...I know I will be trying them again!!) refrigerate them overnight. 

Roll, cut, fridge for 10 minutes 

then top with heavy cream (I used half and half) and sugar

Into the oven looking promising...

but they came out flat...
The most delicious failure!

I ended up serving these at the pool I work at with great success--I mean everyone loved them!! I ate so many because I was upset that they didn't come out correctly and that I was going to have to bake another batch when I was already so sleepy..but  the crispy texture really made them extraordinary, like a lace cookie.

I was baking these to bring to the Pierre Michel Salon Cafe to give out with coffee, however flat cookies didn't sound or look too appealing so I resorted to plain shortbread topped with sprinkling sugar and people didn't complain--actually they loved them!! They all went, but I mean, who is going to turn down a free cookie? Especially when they are so cute:
excuse the poor quality photo--taken on my blackberry

I will be making these cookies (the brown butter ones) again.  The flavor is outrageous and I just can't wait to serve them next to coffee!!

If anyone knows what I may have done wrong, please let me know?

With love and cupcakes,


  1. I understand... everytime I make shortbread something disastrous happens. I'm glad your second batch turned out good! They really are cute. I like the way you cut them instead of just in boring slices.

  2. I hate flops! But they sure make for a fun post to read!

  3. Did you realize this was your 100th post? Congrats kiddo, 100 posts in about a year is not too shabby. And even though your 100th post is about a flop, I must say that although these cookies didn't look like you wanted them to--I totally cheated on my diet and had about 5 of them...they were so so good.

  4. I joust found your blog - I love it! I'm a teenage food blogger too. Your cookies look delicious, even though they turned out flat. Did you freeze the melted brown butter to firm it up before using? I just read the recipe and it says to just cool the butter. I can imagine shortbread cookies baking out flat if the butter is melted.



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