Sunday, August 8, 2010

Breakfast of a Blogger: Oatmeal

I used to hate breakfast foods.  Eggs made me nauseous and pancakes were just ehh.  Oatmeal? Uh, I'll pass.  But then I entered blog world and began reading about how breakfast could be delicious! "Breakfast of a Blogger" will be a mini series of different breakfast foods I eat now that I have been exposed to the blog world and I couldn't be happier! Breakfast is what you need to start your day!
My first taste of oatmeal was Quakers Instant Oatmeal (Maple Brown Sugar) and it was good! What was I thinking all these years...

However, after reading about how many yucky ingredients are in packaged oatmeal, I had my parents buy bulk oats from Costco.  Cooking oats in the morning before school was NOT a possibility! I am not a morning person, I roll out of bed, wash up, pack lunch and go. Breakfast is eaten in the car as daddy drove (not sure what I am going to have to do this year when I drive myself!!)

Anyways, I cook my oatmeal at night.  In the winter aka when I am cold aka when it isn't 100 degrees outside, and in the morning, I microwave it for a few minutes with a dab of extra water until it is warm and of a normal oatmeal consistency.

I never tried making oatmeal with banana as does KATH and so many other bloggers until this morning and oh boy was it delicious! (And super simple too!)
I used to make 1/2 cup but then I was never hungry at lunch for school (10:40) or at EMT class (11:40) so I reduced it to 1/3 cup and I am hungry just at lunch time for EMT class! Hopefully my tummy will re-adjust for school come September.

Oats. Water. Cinnamon. Simple enough?

But wait...
BANANER! (That's a banana...)

Cut in chunks and tossed in the pot as well.
I should learn to read directions because I pulled a mini-Dumbblondie, it says thin slices!! No wonder my oats never dissolved into pockets of heaven until I mashed them...

Stir. Cook. Stir. Cook. I had to add more water than I did.  The banana really thickens it up!! Its magical.

Berries in the summer :) Make for a very happy Chelsey.

Once the oats are cooked (depending on how much--should be around 10 minutes)
Poured into my perdy clear tea cup purchased just for blogging my extra fancy beverages that I never get around too...

Creamy bliss.
I really like the word bliss if you haven't noticed.  It's such a happy word that describes how heavenly items make me feel.

Another lesson learned from the blog world--Peanut Butter!! 
If stirred in when hot, its extra delicious because the peanut butter melts BUT you stir swirls of the nut butter like in an ice cream!

Topped with my berries and stirred.  VOILA!

Okay well not quite... I have a mini confession to make.  I added Splenda.  I used to consume Splenda in massive amounts but I was having these random stomach pains that would last for hours.  They were so bad I once started crying in the middle of Nordstroms.  I mean I was shopping and crying--something was wrong.  My mom's friend told her how bad Splenda was for you and that it destroys the lining of your stomach so I stopped eating it and I am glad to say the stomach episodes have been so much better since!! I now add Raw Sugar (bought at Costco...obvs) and it makes everything so delicious!!!! Highly recommended but a post on that at a future date.

So much college application work and EMT work!! Help me please!!!!! (Hence the sporadic posting :( I miss you all!)

With love and cupcakes,

Recipe: (Adapted from KathEats) --LOVE HER!
1/3 cup old fashioned oats
2/3 cup water
1/2 a banana, slice
1 teaspoon cinnamon (I love it! You might want to only use half that...)

Topped with
Peanut butter

Combine rolled oats, water, and cinnamon  in a saucepan over medium heat. Slice a banana into VERY thin pieces, leaving just a few bigger chunks. Walk away for a few minutes while the oatmeal heats. Once it begins to steam or bubble, stir vigorously at times to “whip” the banana into the oats. The oats will take about 5 minutes on medium heat from start to finish to fully absorb the liquid. They’re done when they reach your desired consistency!  Add any toppings you like, such as almond or peanut butter dollops, nuts, granola, coconut, crumbled granola bars, or trail mix – with dark chocolate chips!

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  1. I'm so happy for you that you got off of splenda! It really does a number on your body. I too love me some overnight oats for an easy breakfast before school.



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