Friday, November 13, 2009

Michigan Trip!

Hey guys! Sorry for such a delay I was sick for a few days then had to make up all of the work before the marking period ended.  And in between it all I flew to Michigan for a night to visit the school.  Boy did I love it!  It is definitely one of my top choices!  It is so pretty and has the perfect programs at their School of kinesiology.  I ate lots of food while traveling and but made sure to pack healthy goodies for the airplane ride.  I packed a plastic baggie of carrots, an apple and bought a grilled chicken sandwich at the airport for later in the day.  All tasted delicious.  But the best food all weekend was at a restaurant in Michigan called Melange Bistro in Ann Arbor.

My dad and I shared a beet salad as our salad and then shared the thai lettuce wraps with chicken.  Both were absolutely amazing.  We were first served the thai lettuce wraps.  These were nacho' average lettuce wraps.  The chicken was not filled with msg and contained sauteed vegetables and roasted peanuts and was served with iceberg lettuce.

According to the menu, the beet salad contained:
"Poached and sliced beets, blanched asparagus, roasted red peppers, scaueche red onions, calamata olives, cherry tomatoes, drizzled with ginger and chipotle vinaigrette.  Served over baby greens."  I learned some vocabulary when reading this and having my dad explain it to me.  Scaueche is just a fancy way of cutting the onion, it made it pleasing to eat with this salad though!  We both loved the salad as well, however, I picked out the blue cheese, which it does not mention on the menu.

(picture from their website, the restaurant was too dark to get a good shot)

For my entree I had the sea bass.  I have never had sea bass before but I loved it!! (think I could say loved one more time?)  The crust was perfect and the texture allowed it to melt in your mouth.  Instead of having it with the jasmine coconut rice I got extra vegetables such as squash and zucchini.  My dad got the salmon which I had a bite of.  It was of a nice texture too but I preferred mine over his.  I finished the meal with a glass of tea and some fruit.   Overall it was a hugely successful dinner.

The next morning I had the information session and the walking tour.  I took some pictures of the campus while we were walking because historical buildings are so pretty!


with love and cupcakes,

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