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You know when its one of those days where you want to crawl under a rock? One of those days when you can't wait for your head to hit your pillow? One of those days where the crazy mothers at the pool yell at you for talking to your cute co-worker? Well these delicious cake balls can fix all those things.

My sister found these "cake balls" on Bakerella and every person who has eaten one of these begs us for more.
First things first...take that frozen red velvet cake out of your freezer the night before to defrost. If you don't just happen to have a frozen cake in your freezer then bake one, but it has to be completely cool before you begin. I use box cake for this. I know, I know, box cake is bleh BUT I use the best cream cheese frosting recipe and high quality melting chocolates so yes I use box cake. Don't judge me. (Oh, and notice the corner missing...I got hungry when I first made the cake)
Now once that cake is cool (or defrosted) break off a piece and place into you blender (or food processor, I don't have one of those).

Blend for just a few seconds until it is all crumbs.

Empty into a bowl. Add more cake and repeat.

Once the cake is blended, add the cream cheese frosting mixture.

Now grab a fork and get digging. Start mashing and mixing the cake crumbs with the frosting until it because a homogeneous mixture.

Now the fun part, grab a cooking sheet, and make sure it fits in your freezer before you begin. Also make sure you have space for it in you freezer. You'll be happy you did. Put wax paper and/or tinfoil on the bottom of the cookie sheet to make clean up (in that aspect) a breeze.

Grab your bowl of heaven and the cookie sheet and roll out a ball of cake mixture and place on the sheet. If you would like to make a cupcake lollipop they should be larger but if you would like make bon-bon type things that fit in cute mini cupcake holders then feel free to adjust. We usually make them an inch large.
Now take the pan full of balls and cover with tin-foil. You can either place in the fridge overnight or freezer for 15 minutes. I opt for the freezer, I don't have much patience.


While those are in the freezer, get out the wax paper roll, toothpicks, melting chocolates, and anything you want to decorate with. (ie: sprinkles, non-perils, oreo crumbs, cookie crunchies, etc.)

***Just as a note, this 9 x 9 cake (with a corner half-eaten) made 31 cake balls. A full size cake pan will make about 50 cake careful.***

15 minutes later when the cake balls are cold and firm take a few (4-5) out on a paper plate.
Warning: This part is extremely messy. Do not read further if you have mess issues. But for those who want to experience heaven, please continue.

Place the wax paper across you kitchen table and have toothpicks ready.
Melt the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl for 1 minute intervals, stirring in-between.

Take one cake ball and place into the bowl with a fork, coat the ball in chocolate and pick up with the ball on top of the fork (not dug in like a meatball). I just use these handy tongs, quite helpful.
But you can use a toothpick to remove the ball from the fork onto the wax paper.

Cover with any toppings immediately, otherwise the chocolate will dry, and continue with other balls.
Also feel free to spice it up, make cupcake shapes like Bakerella is famous for (my mom made these) Or just stick a circle on a lollipop stick for easier dipping and a more kid friendly approach.

Now to grasp an idea of how these could get messy take a look...
And that was probably the second round of wax paper.

***Tip: when the ball is fully dry pick up gently, the bottom may have some cake exposed so you can redip it into the melted chocolate and place on the wax paper again.

Hope this helped and encouraged you to go make these...despite the mess.

With love and cupcakes,

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